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Year 6

Our recent activities in Year 6  

Below is a snapshot of what Year 6 have being doing in school. Click on Year 6 photos to see more photos and details.


As part of their work on the Ancient Egyptians, Year Six have been learning about the process of mummification - by mummifying a mackerel! They followed the process that would have been carried out on the ancient Egyptian pharaohs after their death, and the mackerel are now busy mummifying in their 'sarchophagus'. In a few months' time, they will unwrap the mackerel to assess how successful the mummifying process has been.



Year 6 have been busy improving their skills in basketball recently. They have been practising many different skills including types of passing. In this lesson, the children were practising the bounce pass, lob pass and chest pass.


Year Six have been out 'on location' as part of their latest history topic which focuses on the life of local lad Jack Bishop. They visited and reported from a range of places in Bewdley that are significant to Jack's life story. The children used their computing skills to edit their footage and add in additional images and voiceovers to complete their news reports.


Year six have had a great day at Bletchley Park as part of their history and technology topic, iSpy. It was fantastic for the children to see things in real life that they've only seen  on a screen before, such as the Enigma and Bombe machines! 

Netball Tournament

Congratulations to our Year 6 netball team which took part in a tournament at Stourport Dome on Monday afternoon. The team came 4th in their league (narrowly missing out on 3rd place just due to goal difference!) which was particularly impressive considering the standard of the other teams in the competition. Well done to all of the children who played - fantastic representatives for the school!




Year 6 have taken part in the Bird Beak Buffet! They've been learning all about evolution, adaptation and the story of Darwin's Galapagos finches. Using a range of 'beaks' and 'food', they were able to evaluate and explain what adaptions were necessary so their bird would be able eat.


When Year 6 learned about Antarctica as part of their Survivor topic, they became Ambassadors for Antarctica and BPS became a 2041 school. Year 6 were so passionate about protecting this important continent, and to help the 2041 campaign, they raised money to adopt a penguin!



Year 6 have been using coding skills learned in Year 5 and applying them to program controllers called Crumbles. They connected the Crumbles to circuits, so they were able to control when and how lights worked. All the children loved controlling the lights in different ways, including to recreate police car lights. They also explored how lights sensors worked and added this into their programming.



Year 6 have started their Time Traveller topic by travelling back in time and across continents to Egypt in 1922 as they discovered the long-lost tomb of Tutankhamun! They channelled their inner Howard Carter and uncovered treasures throughout the tomb. They then used their oracy skills to describe their discoveries to the other archaeologists to build up a picture of what was hidden inside!