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Year 6

Year 6 Roles and Responsibilities at Bewdley Primary School

We want to create an opportunity for our oldest children to utilise their learning in a practical way so we have developed a system of roles that the Year 6 children can apply for in a similar way to if they were applying for a job.

These roles around school will enable them to play an even greater part in their school community and develop a sense of responsibility and leadership skills.

In addition, children from throughout the school are voted on the School Council which represents the views of. The four house teams are led by Year 6 representatives which is also an elected role. House captains are welcome to apply for Y6 jobs in addition to their house captain role.

With these responsibilities come rewards!

Click on the Year 6 Roles and Responsibilities icon for further details and an application form to download.



 Spring term 2018 - Mayan Mystery

Year 6 have been refining their research skills to become an expert in their chosen field. As 'experts', they have been designing and carrying out a lesson to teach their classmates about an aspect of the Mayans. So far we have had some amazing lessons! We have constructed Mayan pyramids and learned about why they were built, watched drama on Mayan sacrifice and played a board game to test our new knowledge and learned all about Mayan weapons and how they were used!



Collages designed by the children 

Autumn Term – BORN SURIVOR!

Year 6 have had a busy and fun start to the school year.We explored environment art in Forest School, inspired by the work of Richard Shilling and Andy Goldsworthy.


Year 6 also ‘survived’ a trip to the forest and the 5 mile walk back to school! We made shelters, explored art and SOS messages and attempted to make rafts that floated. Lots of fun and mud!