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Year 5

Year 5 Activities

Below is a snapshot of what Year 5 have being doing in school. Click on Year 5 photos to see more photos and details.

Envirosort Trip

Year 5 loved their trip to Envirosort to kick start their 'Plastic Pollution' topic. Both classes showed great enthusiasm learning about the process of recycling, seeing it in action and re-enacting each stage! They are now ready to take on the challenge of saving the planet one plastic bottle at a time! Well done Year 5!

Titanic Exhibition 

What a way to end Year 5's favourite topic so far! They celebrated with a whole day centered around the Titanic. To begin their day, the children came into school dressed as a passenger or crew member aboard the famous vessel. The morning consisted of a drama workshop inspired by the children's diary entries. Parents and carers were then invited into school to visit the Titanic exhibition showcasing all of the work the children have produced during the topic! The children did themselves proud and we're sure all of the visitors agreed!



Year five have had a creative end to their Maya topic as they have created their own traditional wall hangings! After taking inspiration from the art of Dan Fenelon (an artist who based his work on Maya patterns), the children have worked in teams during the artistic design process. Beginning by creating their own designs, the children used adhesive foil and matchsticks to create a relief on their printing plates to bring their patterns to life! Unsurprisingly, their favourite part was using ink and rollers to print their patterns - seeing their own designs become a reality! The final step involved adding in some extra intricate detail using our acrylic pens. The pictures of the final result speak for themselves!



Year five were surprised when they found out that their History lesson involved examining ancient Maya excrement! During this archaeological investigation, they discovered what an ancient Maya’s diet entailed and compared this to our own. As you can see from the photos, they were shocked by their findings. From avocados to cocoa beans, the Maya grew it all - as Year 5 can now tell you!


Year five had a fabulous time visiting the Titanic Exhibition at the Guild Hall in Worcester. They got to look at artefacts and learn how Worcester was linked to the famous Titanic. The children loved the interactive experience, exploring the ship in 3D and even trying on life jackets!