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Year 4

Year 4 Activities

Below is a snapshot of what Year 4 have being doing in school. Click on Year 4 photos to see more photos and details.

Life Cycle of Plants

Year Four have been continuing their Rainforest topic by investigating the life cycle of plants. They’re currently experimenting with growing tomato plants, having planted seeds, whole tomatoes and half tomatoes. They’ve investigated controlled variables and designed their own observation tables. We’ll let you know the results as they come in!


Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

Year Four had a great day out at Birmingham Botanical Gardens today as part of their Rainforest topic. After two interesting, engaging and hands-on workshops about the various animals and plants which are native to the Amazon rainforest, the children took part in a Rainforest Treasure Hunt Challenge.

Creating Images of the Rainforest

Year Four have loved their art lessons this week as they've been creating images of the rainforest, using just the soundtrack of the forest as their inspiration. They practised a variety of brushstrokes and colour mixing techniques before creating their final paintings. 

Tri-Golf Festival

Ten LKS2 pupils represented BPS at a Tri-Golf Festival on Friday at Bewdley Leisure Centre on Friday. With the help of Sports Leaders from The Bewdley School, the children took part in a variety of fun, energetic golf games and worked really well together as a team.


Blist Hill Victorian Museum

LKS2 visited Blist Hill Victorian town to experience what life would have been like in Victorian times. The children and staff enjoyed going back in time to see what poor and wealthy homes were like, experience a lesson in a Victorian school and complete a candle dipping activity. The children visited the bank to exchange their £3 spending money for old Victorian pennies and farthings.  It was really fun browsing the wide range of shops and seeing what their money would buy - although most money was spent in the sweet shop and bakery! Everyone looked fabulous in their Victorian costumes and it was a pleasure to receive lots of positive comments from the museum staff about the children’s enthusiasm and behaviour. Once again, a credit to BPS!

Blyton had a great afternoon using the parachute for their PE lesson. The best part was creating a mushroom. Great team building skills.

Morpurgo class reading end of the day story in the sun.

Manor Adventure

This year was another epic trip to Culmington Manor! The Year 4 children and staff spent a glorious weekend in the sunshine taking part in a range of activities from Archery to Abseiling. It was wonderful to see the children bravely stepping out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to succeed at a variety of new physical challenges. There was food galore whether it be as part of the regular plentiful meal times or our midnight feasts. We had a marvellous time and are already looking forward to next year!

Woodland Wonder!

We took part in a range of new experiences and learned some acquired some great new skills during our Woodland Wonder topic. Whilst on our trip to the Wyre Forest, we enjoyed using our map skills to complete an orienteering activity as well as identifying a range of creatures whilst pond dipping and bug hunting. We loved getting a close up look at some of the creatures we found especially the toad in the pond and the frog under the log! We are in the process of finishing off our bug hotels and look forward to posting them on here when they are complete.

Art Attack!

LKS2 spent the whole of their last sequence of learning immersed in the Art World. Whether they were observing, creating, designing or reviewing the children’s work was heavily influenced by the work of a range of famous artists but in particular that of Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh and LS Lowry. Within Art lessons themselves, the children have improved in a range of skills in attempting to recreate famous pieces of Art such as “Sunflowers” and “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh and “Going to Work” by LS Lowry. 

They were able to experiment and improve their brush techniques, colour mixing and perspective drawing and painting.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Wolverhampton Art Gallery where the children were able to take part in some art appreciation as well as take part in some expert-led sculpture and Pop Art workshops. The children produced some fabulous pieces of Art, some of which I know have made it home to you! 

Our Art topic was heavily influenced by our chosen Literacy text for our Talk For Writing sequence which was based on the book “Katie and the Starry Night” by James Mayhew. A story about a little girl who visits a gallery and then finds that she is able to jump inside famous paintings, wander around and meet the people in the paintings. 

The children really enjoyed the text and were able to use their story planning skills, a range of new topic based vocabulary and their visit to the Art Gallery to write their own super gallery stories. They used their imagination to write their own version of the text where they were magically able to jump inside one of the paintings they had seen on their visit.

In Science we were investigating Forces. This was mainly based on Magnetism where the children learned all about magnetic forces and tested a range of metals to see which were magnetic. They also planned and carried out their own experiments to test the strength of different magnets and to see if paper clips could hover!

When studying Friction as a force, the children designed and made marble runs to see who could create the smoothest run and therefore win the marble race! Throughout all these investigations, they have worked on writing scientific reports so that others can fully understand the process they went through in order to answer a scientific question.

Dancefest and School Games Dance Festival

The children in Morpurgo were lucky enough to be invited to the 'Dancefest and School Games Dance Festival', which was held at Baxter college. 

They used the Roald Dahl story 'Matilda' to help inspire their performance. Their choreography was led by former Bewdley Primary pupil Milly Dalton who is currently studying Dance at Kidderminster College . The children really enjoyed watching the other schools performing at the festival and were great ambassadors for Bewdley Primary. 

Rocks, Soils and Fossils

Year 3/4 studied Rocks, Soils and Fossils as part of our “Prehistopic” sequence of Learning. This was a Science-led topic that improved their knowledge as well as their observation and recording skills whilst conducting a series of investigations. The children sorted and classified a variety of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks as well as testing them for their density, durability and permeability. They enjoyed the circus of activities that allowed to conduct these tests.  The children also learned about soil and its different components – and undoubtedly their favourite part of this was creating and observing our own class Worm Worlds.

The children enjoyed learning about Fossils, and creating our own fossil molds and casts from clay and plaster of paris to represent the process of fossilisation. This was enhanced by our visit from Mr Stevenson, Nonin’s dad, with his Lapworth Museum Palaeontology team, who brought in a collection of fossils for the children to analyse and discuss. The History element of our topic came through our look at Prehistoric times and in particular finding out about a range of dinosaurs. The children used the internet and reference books to make dinosaur Top Trumps cards and most of all enjoyed planning our own Prehistoric Parks – a Jurassic park style destination where people could enjoy visiting dinosaurs in an appropriate, enjoyable but safe environment.

In Literacy we used our book, “Stone Girl, Bone Girl” by Laurence Anholt, to become familiar with the life of Mary Anning, a famous fossil collector from Lyme Regis. The children then wrote some super stories about themselves as collectors of precious items.

In our Art lessons we have improved our observational drawing skills by looking carefully at our rock collections and sketching them to show the difference between the different rock types. The main element of our Design Technology has been our work with Jon from Eastnor Pottery who came to visit and help us to create large clay dinosaur heads that will eventually be installed in the Key Stage. The children helped make the head of each dinosaur and then created dinosaur inspired scales to add to the dinosaur. We all absolutely loved this day of Art and Design.  


Land of the Free topic

Year 3/4 studied America as part of our “Land of the Free” topic. They improved their mapping skills by locating and learning the name of the 7 continents and focussing on North America. We also compared the geographical differences between a range of American Cities and with some in the UK.


We had some super research lessons where the children had to research the pros and cons of living in a particular American City - ranging from Orlando, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans. They then presented their city to the group so that we could choose where we would like to live. Most children chose Orlando Florida – I wonder why?!






We looked at several elements of American culture including sports and food. In PE, the children really enjoyed our unit on Cheerleading and created some excellent routines that any American Sports team would be proud of.

In Design and Technology, we decided to create American Muffins – it wasn’t a hardship to research and taste different flavours. The children then conducted research amongst the teachers to find out their favourite flavours and their favourite things about America so that they could design both the muffin and the packaging tailored to a particular teacher. Needless to say, the results were good and there were a lot of very happy teachers across the school.

Severn Valley Railway Trip

We had a fabulous time evacuating from Bewdley to Highley. We waved off our parents, sang all the way and took part in some super home front activities. We even had an email from the SVR to say how marvellous we were for participating in our trip with such enthusiasm!

Manor Adventure

We spent a fantastic residential activity weekend at Manor Adventure in Shropshire. 

Children making their own clay pots

In Lower Key Stage Two our topic began with the Stone Age and has ended with the Vikings. Each child in the key stage made their own clay pots, just like they would have in the stone age. They also had a go at making their very own Viking weaving. Mrs Jones' class had a visit down to forest school where they made there very own Viking tools including bows and arrows, and hammers.



Forest School 



Viking Weaving


In Science the children have been learning all about teeth. In Mrs Hares' class they carried out an experiment to see which drinks would effect their teeth the most. They did this by placing pennies into three separate cups, one with water, one with milk and one with Coca Cola. They then monitored the cups for three days checking every day to see if the pennies had changed. 

In Numeracy the children have been working very hard. Each class has tackled a number of different topics since September. Mrs Pages' numeracy group did a very fun activity where they measured different items in the classroom including the carpet, desks and even each other.