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Year 2

Our recent activities in Year 2

Below is a snapshot of what Year 2 has been doing in school. More photos can be found on the Year 2 photos tab.


Year 2 have really enjoyed their recent Science lessons. Today, they identified a variety of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores based on their… scat! The children have been learning all about the diets of different animals, making further links with their previous learning based on food chains.

Oceans and Seas Art Topic

Year 2 have really enjoyed their recent art lessons based on ‘Oceans and Seas’. At the start of the week, the children used their sketchbooks to show different shades of blue. They practised blending different tones and experimented with a range of utensils to see which would blend the best. Afterwards, they mixed paint to create their perfect background and decorated it with sea creatures that could be found in the ocean.


Year 2 have been working extremely hard on their Tudor houses over the past couple of weeks. They have completed research into how Tudor houses were built, what they looked like and how the materials they used impacted the spread of the Great Fire of London. After making their amazing Tudor houses, they then recreated the fire in Forest School!


Trip to Dudley Zoo

Year Two had a wonderful trip to Dudley Zoo after their carnival of the animals topic! The children loved seeing the wide range of animals, taking part in workshops based on classification and learning about the different habitats. The children were a credit to the school and are already asking about their next trip.


Mask Making

Year Two have thoroughly enjoyed creating masks to sell at their own Safari Parks during their ‘Carnival of the Animals’ topic. The children planned and designed a mask based on an animal of their choice. They had to think carefully about which materials, patterns and colours would be best suited for their mask. The final products looked wonderful when they were finished!