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Year 1

Our recent activities in Year 1

Below is a snapshot of what Year 1 have being doing in school. Click on Year 1 photos to see more photos and details


Year 1 continue to show off their impressive gymnastics skills in P.E. As you can see in the pictures, they have continued to improve their skills by balancing on a range of equipment including the folding beams, balancing beams and linking stools.



Year One are loving their new topic, 'Weather Experts'. They've been working in teams to become Climate Detectives to learn more about different climates. After learning more about the countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom, they then presented their own weather reports using a range of weather symbols! 



Road Safety

With the help of our Police Community Support Officers, Year One have been learning all about road safety. They now know how important it is at this time of year to stay bright and visible so that drivers can see everyone and we can all stay safe.



Year One received a very special parcel of 'Sunflowers' by Vincent van Gogh to kickstart their new topic, 'We Are Artists'. They have learnt about his life and explored many examples of his artwork and discussed what they could see and how it made them feel. They have practised creating swirls and dashes with pastels and even created their own 'Starry Night' landscape. 


To finish off their Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic, Year One have been using their DT skills to create different habitats. They've been learning about how habitats vary around the world and about how animals adapt to their surroundings, including the polar regions, jungles and rainforests. They used all of this knowledge when creating their own fabulous habitats. 




Design Technology 

As part of their DT curriculum, Year One have been designing and creating storm shelter prototypes!  They had to think about the different materials available and their properties – whether it’s the right shape and if it would offer protection - and whether they would be good choices for their shelters.  

Sports Festival

We were so pleased to be able to hold a mini sports festival last week with children from both Year One and Year Six taking part. Thank you to Mr Lindley from the Wyre Forest Sports Partnership who visited BPS and, with help from our Year Six Play Leaders, led the younger children in a range of multi-skills games and activities. 

Forest School

Forest School has given Year One the perfect location to extend their 'Weather Experts' topic. They have been busy making dens and testing them out to make sure they keep the residents sheltered and dry from the heavy rainfall and strong winds! 


In PE, Year One have been listening to lots of different kinds of music and looking at lots of different ways to dance and move to the beat. They've had a go at the cha cha, waltzes and even rock 'n' roll! 

Using the fabulous book 'Giraffes can't dance' for inspiration, they then created their own jungle animal dances. 


Year One have been working incredibly hard on their new 'Weather Experts' topic. They've been learning about the four countries that make up the UK and have already been introduced to the continents song - a BPS favourite! 

As well as filming their own weather reports, they've also become meteorologists by creating their own rain gauges and wind streamers to measure and record the weather. 


The children in Year One have been learning more about the importance of kindness and about the simple things they can do to spread kindness around the school. They've created a kindness jar, shared toys, made people smile and shared their hugs with friends and, in Forest School, they have been writing kind words about their friends on leaves. 

After School Dance Club

The children in our Key Stage One after-school Dance Club did a fantastic job with their first group dance, which focussed on the movement of African animals and how to move to the rhythm of the music. Miss Ward, who leads the club, is already looking forward to their next dance, which has a Christmas theme! 

Click on the link to see the dance - Video of our dance

Art Topic

Year One have enjoyed learning about Vincent van Gogh as part of their new topic, Famous For More Than 5 Minutes. They have been studying his paintings, talking about The Starry Night, in particular, and could not believe he cut his own ear off! They then tried sketching their own versions and finished the session with an art show between the two classes to show off their masterpieces.