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Year 1

Our recent activities in Year 1

Below is a snapshot of what Year 1 have being doing in school. Click on Year 1 photos to see more photos and details.

African Music Lesson

As part of their Africa topic, Year One has their first African Music lesson today which included using the djembe drums for the first time. The children experimented with how to make different sounds using the drums and their hands, concentrating on keeping a steady beat.

Make sure you have your volume turned up nice and load .......!



Sport Week - Tennis fun at Bewdley Tennis Club

Sports Day Practise

Year 1 have been having fun in the sun and Sports Day practise. The hurdles have been a little tricky but apart from that we are ready to go!

KS1 Party in the Park

To celebrate our amazing year KS1 children and parents spent the afternoon at Riverside Park in Bewdley.  After a picnic lunch the children enjoyed a fun packed afternoon in the park

Year 1 Striking and Fielding festival

The children took part in a range of sporting activities focusing on striking and catching the ball at the Stourport Dome

Our Visit to West Midland Safari Park

The children in Year 1 have recently visited West Midlands Safari Park. First, we boarded a double decker bus and adventured through the wild animals. The children loved seeing the white lions and rhino’s.

After lunch, we saw the penguins, lorikeets and enjoyed a guided tour around the ‘Land of the Dinosaurs’. We finished our day with a journey through the ‘Ice Age’. We had a great day and were very proud of the children!

Sports Day Training

Year 1 have been making the most of the lovely weather this week with sprints and relays, getting ready for our upcoming Sports day!


Visit to Three Churches in Bewdley

We enjoyed our visit to the three different churches in Bewdley. We started our journey at the Quaker Meeting House where we learnt all about the quiet contemplation that its congregation enjoy.

Then, we visited Bewdley Baptist Church where the children were fascinated by how the church had changed over the last 100 years, and now incorporated its own Baptism pool.

Next, we went to the Roman Catholic Church where the children saw the statues and crosses covered for Easter. The children were also captivated by the wooden images depicting the crucifixion around the curved church walls.

Finally, we sat by the river and savoured the taste of ice cream, despite the weather!

Our True Story of the Three Little Pigs

As part of our topic based on the ‘World of Books’, we created our own story of an alternative version of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children worked really hard, drafting, editing and producing their own book of which they were really proud!

As part of this topic, we sorted a range of materials and discussed their properties. We then considered which materials would be most suitable to use in building a house for the Three Little Pigs.

The children then planned and made their own houses for the Three Little Pigs to live in.

Making and Finding Shapes around School

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes this half term. The children have been around school to take photos of any shapes they can find and have used shapes to create repeated patterns and build models. What fun we had!

Adding using a Number Line

In our Maths lessons recently, we have been adding and subtracting using 9 and 6 sided dice. After using the number line, we ‘blobbed’ our numbers and rolled again. Our challenge was to ‘blob’ all of the numbers we could!

This really helped us practice adding and subtracting using a number line. Some of us even used a 100 square if we used 12 sided dice!

Ordering Numbers

In our recent maths lessons, we have been ordering numbers from the smallest to the greatest and the greatest to the smallest. First we worked in groups and then we tried independently! We even ordered our numbered whiteboards as a whole class!

Placing Extreme Weather on the Map

In our Extreme Weather topic this half term, we looked at continents and countries which experience the worst types of extreme weather. We noticed that North America suffers more than other places in the world. We discussed how droughts often occur around the equator and how snow storms often happen in Northern and Southern regions.

Skittles to 20!

This half term we used skittles to help us make numbers up to 20 and then show the place value of these numbers. We had a great time working together to solve the problems, and we may have eaten a skittle or two afterwards!

Fun at Forest School

This term in Forest School, we have been building structures using natural materials found in the forest. We have also been making necklaces with different shapes using wood from the forest!