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Who's Who in KS1

This year in Key Stage 1 we have 4 classes

Year 1     Mrs Field and Mr Morris              Year 2     Mrs Bennett / Mrs Osborne and Mr Pritchard

                                                                        Meet the Key Stage 1 Team

Miss Crisp, Mrs Garbett, Mr Morris, Mr Pritchard, Mrs Bennett,
Mrs Osborne, Mrs Tolley and Mrs Field
(Left to right)

Key Stage 1 Teachers

  • Mrs Bennett is KS1 Leader. She is also the school SENCO, Thrive Practitioner and LAC Co-ordinator.
  • Mr Pritchard is a Year 2 teacher who is also responsible for ICT. He is our computer genius! He runs football across the school.
  • Mrs Osborne is a Year 2 teacher who is responsible for Geography.
  • Mrs Field is a Year 1 teacher. She is responsible for Phonics assessment, planning and moderation through the early years and KS1.
  • Mr Morris is a Year 1 teacher and is responsible for History and leads the School Council. He also runs the football club with Mr Pritchard.

         If you would like to get in touch with the KS1 team, please email on