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Times tables

Knowing the times table facts and the related division facts is an important part of the Maths curriculum. The expectation is that the children will know their times tables by the end of Year 4.

Being able to answer questions off by heart helps children enormously in the efficiency of calculations as well as their work on fractions.

We want to make sure all the children know their times table facts so Autumn 2019 saw a revamping of how we do times tables at BPS to ensure high expectations and success!

What is new?

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 will working on learning a times table each week in class. The same times table will be chosen by all of the key stage and can be repeated for several weeks.

The weekly class times table champion will compete in a Key Stage Championship each Friday. The winners of these championships will gain automatic entry into the end of term Super Champions Tournament. The overall winner of this Super Champions Tournament will win a very exciting afternoon of fun to share with all their class mates!

What about Times Table Rock Stars?

Times Table Rock Stars is still a fabulous and fun way for our children to practise their multiplication facts so they are both accurate and quick. It is so much fun that we are extending TTRS to Year 1 and Year 2. Children in Year 6 will be running a  lunchtime TTRS club  from January 2010 for children to come to if they wish.

Please find below the Parent Handbook for Times Tables Rock Stars. This contains all the information you need to support your child to become a Times Tables Rock Star.

The website below has links to lots of fun games.

We use songs to help us learn the times tables. Watch these videos to help you practise the songs at home!



3 x table song



4 x table song



6 x table song



7 x table song



8 x table song