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Science at Bewdley Primary School - Statement of Intent

At Bewdley Primary School we recognise the importance of Science in every aspect of daily life. As one of the core subjects taught in Primary Schools, we give the teaching and learning of Science the prominence it requires.

The Scientific area of learning is concerned with increasing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of our world, and with developing skills associated with Science as a process of enquiry. It will develop the natural curiosity of the child, encourage respect for living organisms and the physical environment and provide opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence.

At Bewdley Primary School we know Science is going well in our School when …

  • Children have a positive attitude to science, are motivated and enjoy science. 
  • Children are engaged, enthusiastic, learning is taking place and they are making progress. 
  • Children see relevance in learning and are able to apply their learning to other subjects and the real world.  
  • Children ask questions, make suggestions and predictions.  
  • Children are able to talk about what they are learning and explain their ideas using scientific vocabulary. 
  • Children participate in hands on practical activities and develop their critical thinking. 
  • Children formulate investigative questions, plan investigations and draw conclusions based on their findings. 
  • Children develop their Sc1 skills of observing, exploring, experimenting, measuring and questioning 
  • Children are curious and want to find out more about their science topics. 
  • Children’s work is displayed on interesting science displays. 
  • Children are given positive feedback on their learning. 

We aim to develop a respect for the materials and equipment they handle with regard to their own, and other children’s safety.

We endeavour to ensure that the Science curriculum we provide will give children the confidence and motivation to continue to further develop their skills into the next stage of their education and life experiences.

The progression of skills and knowledge in Science are attached below.