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Our Recent Activities in Reception

Below is a snapshot of what Reception have being doing in school. Click on Reception  photos to see more photos and details.    Many of our themes explore ways to keep healthy, including eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise, and knowing how to stay safe. 

Forest School

Inkpen class enjoyed a fabulous first session in Forest School today. Our Forest School leaders were so impressed with how well the children listened and followed instructions

STEM Week in Reception

We have really enjoyed stem week in Reception, we have loved learning all things space!  We have been designing and building rockets on a big and small scale. We've learned all about the planets and how to get up there with a space shuttle. We've even taken our own NASA mission and all flown in a rocket to Mars. While we were there we tried some astronaut food. What a fab week! 



The Night Pirates

After reading our new topic book 'The Night Pirates' a very strange thing happened in Reception. When we came back from lunch we discovered a note from the evil grown up pirates who had stolen some of stuff!

The pirates had hidden parts of the treasure map around school for us to find so we could rescue back our whiteboard pens and Miss Hinton's bell! We had a lot of fun collecting the clues from different teachers and were successful in getting our stuff back from the pirates! 



Outdoor construction

We use a “Loose Parts” approach as one of the ways we encourage creativity and support the development of speech and language.  The outdoor construction area is always popular, with groups of children designing, building and carrying out role-play using a wide variety of open-ended materials such as drainpipes, cable reels, tubes, netting etc. 



Forest School

Every Wednesday the Reception classes spend the afternoon in our Forest School.  It’s a great opportunity for the children to explore learning in a different environment, take risks, test themselves physically, find out about nature, growth, decay, patterns and changes. 




Mathematical Development

Mathematics involves providing our Reception children with opportunities to develop and improve their skills in counting, understanding and using numbers. We are also working on number recognition and forming our numbers when the children are ready to do so.  Children can practise these skills in our role play area by counting out the plates and glasses. Counting also happens during small world when the farmer is counting his animals. Our aim is to give the children as many opportunities to develop and improve their skills.  During the year we explore patterns and shapes and get the children involved by going on a shape hunt, create their own patterns and look at more famous ones.  As a team we strive to make our learning fun and interactive. Using both indoors and outdoors as part of our learning space.  

Safety Week

We were very lucky to be joined by the Local Neighbourhood policing team and their fantastic car!  The children all had the chance to try on real police clothes, and ask lots and lots of questions.  We followed up this interest by opening a “999, what’s your emergency” role play area.  There were some incredible emergencies phoned through, and lots of daring rescues carried out as a result!



Powerful People

This term in Reception our topic has been Powerful people. As part of this, we have been reading the fantastic book series ‘Supertato’. Through this story we have written about super powers, made wanted posters for the evil pea and lots of different advice for the vegetables in the story. The children have been turning average vegetables into super veg and have been building models with sprouts!  



Physical Development

We use the school hall for regular PE sessions, but also, ensure that the children have many opportunities to develop confident gross and fine motor skills both inside and outside the classroom.  Tyres in our outside area provide opportunities for balancing and jumping, while, balls, skittles, ropes and pulleys support arm and shoulder strength, which is so vital for writing skills.  We use scissors, pegs, tweezers, pipettes, beads, pens, lego etc. in hundreds of different ways to help children develop the hand strength and pincer grip necessary for holding a pencil effectively.