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Our Recent Activities in Reception

Below is a snapshot of what Reception have being doing in school. Click on Reception  photos to see more photos and details.    Many of our themes explore ways to keep healthy, including eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise, and knowing how to stay safe. 

Literacy and Art

The children in Reception have been busy designing and building their own tower for Rapunzel. They even made meals for Rapunzel by making paper salads and made crowns for role playing the prince and princess.

Rumpelstiltskin has been the traditional tale of the week in Reception, which gave the children the opportunity to make palaces for the king and queen! They've also been busy writing their tricky words, exploring different running skills and printing using different shapes and materials.



New Term!

Our Reception children have come back into school with so much energy and enthusiasm and have been sharing all their exciting Christmas news with everyone. They have been focussing on developing friendships and exploring a range of different indoor and outdoor activities, while getting back into the swing of school life!