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Parking at School

Please be considerate when parking outside school. It is illegal to park on the zig zag areas. Do not park on footpaths and near to road junctions. A barrier is in operation in the school car park from 8am to 4.30pm. Please be aware that only authorised staff and visitors will be able to use this facility. The barrier system is part of our commitment to improving safety at school by reducing traffic on the school site. Parents dropping off and collecting children from RASCALs can access the car park before 8am and after 4.30pm. Please do not try and enter the car park before 4.30pm.This is because children are leaving after school clubs until 4.30pm. There is no pedestrian access through the barrier. Please use the footpaths not the car park to access and leave school. Do not attempt to walk under the barrier as this could activate it, putting you and your children in danger.