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Nursery Funding & Payment Information

Nursery Funding

3 Year Old Funding

All 3 year olds are automatically entitled to 15 hours of nursery funding, starting from the term after they turn 3 years old.  However, some parents/carers might be eligible for and extra 15 hours funding on top of this, allowing them up to 30 hours of nursery funding.  For more information about 30 hour funding and to find out if you are eligible, please click here.

2 Year Old Funding

Some parents/carers might be eligible for 15 hours of 2 year old funding.  To see if you meet the criteria for this, and to find out how to apply, please click here to visit the Worcestershire Children First website.

Non- funded hours

Any hours that your child attends nursery that are not covered by funding you will receive an invoice for. The invoice will come from Worcestershire County Council and they cover each half term. You will receive 6 invoices per year and each invoice should be paid before the start of a new half term. There are various methods by which you can pay, most of which are included on the back of your invoice.

Please note that the age at which your child starts a term will be the rate that is payable for the entirety of that whole term. If your child turns 3 within a certain term, the rate for 2 year old is still applicable until the start of a new term. We follow the same protocol as the funded hours in which a fixed rate remains for the whole term and doesn't change at the date of their 3rd birthday. Changes are only implemented at the start of a new term: 1st September, 1st January and 1st April.

If you wish to pay by Tax Free Childcare scheme please inform us of your reference number, date of payment and amount paid so we can ensure that payment is allocated to your account. Please see the letter attached below for more information.

If you are currently in Further Education, you may be entitled to receive some support through the Childcare Grant Payment Scheme. More information can be found here:

Free School Meals

Some children are entitled to receive Free School Meals past key stage 1.

More information can be found here: