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Music Lessons

We have about 60 Key Stage 2 children who have instrumental or vocal lessons during the school day. We currently offer drum, guitar, keyboard and piano lessons. If you are interested in your child having lessons on another instrument, we will see if this can be arranged. We encourage children to start having lessons in Key Stage 2 and make every effort for the lessons to take place in the afternoon where at all possible.

In school, we use a combination of private and Severn Arts (previously Worcestershire Youth Music) teachers to deliver the lessons. We encourage pupils in their early stages of learning to have a 20 minute shared or group lesson. If you would prefer your child to have an individual lesson, this can easily be arranged but it will be charged at a more expensive rate.

For the year 2021 - 2022 lessons are charged at £6 per lesson. A total of 35 lessons will be taught during this academic year. 

In order for the school to have lessons from Severn Arts we have to give them half a term's notice to reduce the amount of teaching in our school. As a direct result of this we therefore have to ask parents to sign up to giving the same amount of notice or to pay for half a term's lessons. We appreciate as a school that this is not easy to know when a child will want to give up but we are bound by their Terms and Conditions and therefore have to pass this commitment on to parents. 

If a teacher is absent every effort will be made to catch up the lost lesson either at the end of the current term or in the following term. Where it is impossible to make up the lesson, you will be credited for the missed lesson. If a pupil is absent for any reason and the teacher is in school, you will be charged for the lesson.

Lessons will need to be paid for in advance, that is at the end of the previous term and all charges will be payable through Parent Pay apart from those lessons delivered by Miss Whitefoot  (brass) and Mrs Winscom (keyboard and piano).

A timetable for instrumental and vocal lessons will be displayed in every classroom. If any alterations are required, timetables will be updated and redistributed as necessary. Although we encourage children to take responsibility for turning up to their lessons at the proper time, teachers will send for pupils if they do not turn up.      

All teachers employed through Severn Arts or independently are subject to regular DBS checks and their Safeguarding training is monitored to ensure their qualifications are up to date.

If you would like to add your child's name to the waiting list during the school year please complete the application form which can be downloaded from this website and return it to the school office.

Please remember that in addition to the cost of lessons, your child will also from time to time be asked to get music to help aid tuition. This is an important part of a music lesson so that every child will be able to learn to read the music and use it at home when they practice.

Practice should become a regular part of the child's playing as this will help the child play confidently, develop a good tone and to read music. If playing at home is not possible every night of the week, please ensure that they play three or four days a week so that they can see progress.

Exams and Music Medals

When your child's teacher thinks that they are ready to take a music test they will inform you. The ABRSM exams are becoming increasingly expensive and therefore Music Medals are encouraged so that children can see that they are progressing. Unfortunately Music Medals are not yet designed for all instruments.