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Lower Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage Two Activities

Summer Term

We had a fabulous time evacuating from Bewdley to Highley. We waved off our parents, sang all the way and took part in some super home front activities. We even had an email from the SVR to say how marvellous we were for participating in our trip with such enthusiasm!

Manor Adventure

We spent a fantastic residential activity weekend at Manor Adventure in Shropshire. 

Children making their own clay pots

This term in Lower Key Stage Two our topic began with the Stone Age and has ended with the Vikings. Each child in the key stage made their own clay pots, just like they would have in the stone age. They also had a go at making their very own Viking weaving. Mrs Jones' class had a visit down to forest school where they made there very own Viking tools including bows and arrows, and hammers.



Forest School 



Viking Weaving


In Science the children have been learning all about teeth. In Mrs Hares' class they carried out an experiment to see which drinks would effect their teeth the most. They did this by placing pennies into three separate cups, one with water, one with milk and one with Coca Cola. They then monitored the cups for three days checking every day to see if the pennies had changed. 

In Numeracy the children have been working very hard. Each class has tackled a number of different topics since September. Mrs Pages' numeracy group did a very fun activity where they measured different items in the classroom including the carpet, desks and even each other.