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What we've been up to - Spring Term 

We’ve been very busy here at Rascals over the last couple of weeks; as well as cooking, making delicious treats and enjoying pancakes, we’ve been creating a lot of beautiful artwork. Our theme has been unicorns, and so a lot of our activities have been based on that. We made ‘Unicorn poop’ (slime) - not all of which worked, but we had a lot of messy fun trying! We also created paintings with our feet. Again, a lot of messy fun.

Our theme up until Easter is Spring-time. Staff at Rascals are planning a variety of activities, from pottery painting, to cake baking.


What we've been up to

Our wonderful Rascals have been extremely busy over the past few weeks; we made use of some potatoes which were past their best and used them for potato printing. By cutting shapes into them and dipping them into paint, our children created some wonderful works of art and had a lot of fun doing so.

We also decorated some pots with ribbons, sequins, pom-poms etc, into which we planted cress seeds. A few of our children have reported to us that their cress has grown magnificently at home.

Over the past couple of weeks, crafts have been used for one of our display boards – the theme is ‘Our World’ and so the children have been creating postcards about places they have visited. It’s been lovely to hear their stories about holidays and day trips they have had. In addition to this, they have been looking at various flags from around the world and recreating them. The display board is looking fabulous!