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Jane Woakes 

The Governing Body, in conjunction with myself the Headteacher, is responsible for the strategic planning within the school, agreeing policy and procedures with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement and pastoral care.

Our responsibility is to set the goals and strategy for the school.  Specific duties include setting staffing levels, agreeing the school budget, ensuring that a broad and balanced curriculum is delivered as well as monitoring health and safety of pupils, staff and visitors together with the management of the school premises. 

The Governing Body is made up of parent governors, elected by the parents of pupils at the school, staff governors including the Headteacher, Local Authority appointed Governors and Community Governors.  The team is made up of a variety of people from different backgrounds who bring a diverse range of skills, expertise and knowledge to the school. 

We all share the belief that Bewdley Primary school should be a happy, successful school where everyone can achieve their best.

The full Governing Body meet each half term. In addition, smaller groups meet and feedback their actions / recomendations to the full Governing Body. These include Finance and Personnel, Pupil Premium, Premises and Health and Safety. I attend all of these meetings. We also have 2 Governors in each keystage who meet with the keystage leader each term to review the performance and progress of the children.