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Home Learning

As a school, our approach to homework is continuing alongside our homework policy.  We really feel that this will have a greater impact on the enjoyment of work completed at home, as well as freeing up more time for kids to be kids!

In Year 5, the homework will be as follows:


Even though a lot of children in our cohort are accomplished readers, it is still very important for them to read to and discuss a range of texts with adults at home.  This will improve your child’s understanding of a variety of texts, and the way in which they are written, as well as exposing them to a greater array of vocabulary.  More importantly, we feel that spending time reading together (discussing texts, storylines, characters and making predictions) as a family is a fundamental part of their learning journey.

Please ensure that your child is reading for at least ten minutes everyday, including many opportunities for them to be reading with an adult. 


Spelling will be a real focus in school throughout the year.  There will be no set homework for spellings this year, instead, we have sent home the list of the statutory words for Years 3/4 and  5/6.  Please look out for these whilst reading, and practise them wherever possible.  If your child struggles with spelling, we are able to provide a list of High Frequency words for them to practise at home. 


There will be no weekly homework set for children in maths unless we feel they would benefit from extra practise in a key area.  Instead, at the beginning of each half term, they will be given a range of activities based on key skills for their age. These will be available on the school website. Getting to grips with these skills will really help your child succeed.


Topic will be very much ‘project’ based, where children will be given a theme, some possible ideas and a deadline.  This homework really allows children to play to their strengths, presenting work in a way that best suits them.  We have been working in this way for a number of years, and find that the work that the children produce and the knowledge that they gain is much more diverse and creative than when we set specific tasks.

  1. Week beginning 29th June

  2. Week beginning 22nd June

  3. Week beginning 15th June

  4. Week beginning 8th June

  5. Week beginning 1st June

  6. Friday 22nd May daily email and work

  7. Rhiswanozebtah text

  8. Thursday 21st May daily email

  9. Wednesday 20th May

  10. G to KG conversion

  11. Tuesday 19th May

  12. Monday 18th May

  13. Literacy Friday 15th May - crossword challenge

  14. Friday 15th May

  15. Thursday 14th May

  16. Converting m to cm and cm to m

  17. Wednesday 13th May

  18. Tuesday 12th May

  19. Monday 11th May

  20. Thursday Maths with answers - reflections using coordinates

  21. Reflections using coordinates - Easier task

  22. Informal letter writing helpsheet

  23. Thursday 7th May

  24. VE DAY

  25. simple reflection tips powerpoint

  26. reflected-shapes activity-sheets

  27. Drawing Reflected Shapes

  28. Comprehension 6th May and answers

  29. Wednesday Maths and answers - reflection

  30. Wednesday 6th May Daily email

  31. Tuesday 5th May

  32. Monday 4th May

  33. Friday 1st May

  34. Thursday 30th April

  35. Year 5 Lesson 3 and answers - Percentages

  36. Wednesday Literacy work answers

  37. Wednesday Literacy work

  38. Wednesday 29th April

  39. Year 5 Lesson 2 and answers - Percentages

  40. Decimals, Percentages and Fractions

  41. Character description for Thomas Snoop

  42. Tuesday 28th April

  43. List 25 homophones

  44. Day 7

  45. Year 5 Lesson 1 and answers Percentages

  46. Task 2 Henry VIII

  47. PE grid week 2

  48. Monday 27th April

  49. Friday 24th April

  50. Thursday 23rd April

  51. Wednesday 22nd April

  52. Tuesday 21st April

  53. Monday 20th April

  54. The BPS Book Club 2020

  55. Accessing Accelerated reader at Home

  56. Easter email

  57. Friday 3rd April

  58. Thursday 2nd April

  59. 1.04.2020

  60. 31.03.2020 Lewis

  61. 31.03.2020 Rowling

  62. 31.03.2020 Story plan for The Small Folk

  63. 31.03.2020 Decimals 7

  64. 31.03.2020 Decimals 7 answers

  65. 30.03.2020 Decimals 6 answers

  66. 30.03.2020 Decimals 6

  67. 30.03.2020 Rowling tasks

  68. 30.03.2020 Adverbial-phrases-LAPs

  69. 25.03.2020 Rowling's work f

  70. 25.03.2020 Decimals 3 answers

  71. 25.03.2020 Decimals 3

  72. 24.03.2020 Rowling

  73. 24.03.2020 Decimals 2 answers

  74. 24.03.2020 Decimals 2

  75. 23.03.2020 Lewis

  76. 23.03.2020 Decimals 1 Lewis

  77. 23.03.2020 Decimals 1 answers Lewis

  78. HT6 Year 5 Maths Homework activities

  79. Spellings Year 3 - 6

  80. All Aboard - Homework Letter May 2018

  81. Curriculum Overview UKS2