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Bewdley Primary School Governors

The Governors of Bewdley Primary School are like the board of directors of a company, making strategic decisions about the running of the school, decisions which promote the best interests of all the children in the school. They aim to make sure the children receive a high quality of education that is continually improving. They take an active interest in all aspects of school life. The Governors meet every term and sub-committees regularly meet to discuss a wide range of issues.

Contacting the Governors

The Governors can be contacted through the School Office on 01299 403796 or by email at Parents / carers can raise matters with governors about school policy and organisation at any time. This can be done by writing to the Chair of Governors c/o The School Office or by e-mail;

School Governors


Governor Category


Terms of Office

Martin Saunders

Chairman / Co-opted

Safeguarding /Headteacher's Review

01/09/19 - 31/08/23

Christopher Auger


LKS2 / Property / Finance and Personnel

03/12/18 - 02/12/22

Alan Booth 

Vice Chairman /


Finance and Personnel / UKS2 / Property / Headteacher's Review

01/09/19 - 31/08/23

Amanda Bradley


Pupil Premium / Data

19/03/20 - 18/03/24
Debbie Madeley Parent UKS2 25/03/19 - 24/03/23
Linsay Mayman Parent

KS1 / Gifted and Talented

02/12/19 - 01/12/23
Stuart Meese Co-opted   23/05/22 - 22/05/26
Donna Stevens Co-opted Finance and Personnel/EYFS 21/03/22 - 20/03/26
Daniela Tomlinson Co-opted Early Years 03/12/18 - 02/12/22
Andy Webster Parent KS1 and IT 07/01/22 - 06/01/26

Alice Westbury


LKS2 / SEND / Head teacher's performance

25/03/19 - 24/03/23

Jane Woakes

Head teacher


Ian Williams

Local Authority

Health and Safety (Inc.well being)

20/07/18 - 19/07/22

Anne Booth