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Daniela Tomlinson

My name is Daniela but people often call me Dani. I’m a native of Argentina, living in Bewdley after a decade abroad with my husband and daughter. I have a passion for languages, baking and tennis. You will often see me running to school, and back, alongside my daughter on her bike. 

As others on the board, I am a first generation university graduate from my own family. I have a degree in International Relations; skills and competencies developed and enriched in an international context. I have lived, studied and worked in Argentina, Italy, Holland and latterly the UK. I speak three languages fluently plus others to an intermediate level. 

I am honoured to have been invited to join Bewdley Primary School body of Governors. I appreciate the opportunity, generosity and kindness that I’ve been shown. 

I have learned that communication in diverse cultures has the power to build bridges, to enable encounter and inclusion, and thus to enrich society.

I truly believe that with hard work and courage you can achieve your goals and that, as active members of society, we are bound to give back to the community we are part of.

I look forward to contributing in this useful and value-adding role and collaborating with the other members of the team.