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BPS Staff

Bewdley Primary School and Nursery Staff

Headteacher - Mrs Woakes

Hungry Caterpillars Nursery

From left to right! Mrs Walker, Mrs Llewelyn, Miss Ward and Mrs Cooper

Elmer’s Nursery 

From left to right: Mrs Dent, Mrs Jennings, Miss Hinton, Miss Millington,
Mrs Waterhouse and Mrs Ferris


From left to right: Mrs Saunders, Mrs Tench, Miss Jenkins, Mrs Maiden, Mrs Bibb, Mrs Trow and Mrs Haynes

 Year One

Left to right: Miss Ward, Mrs Davies, Miss Gibson and Mrs Field

 Year Two 

From left to right: Mrs Samsudin, Mr Pritchard, Mr Morris and Mrs Tolley

 Year Three 

Left to right: Mrs Jackson, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Page, Miss Stevens and Mrs Dickenson 

Year Four 

Left to right: Mrs Speller, Mrs Bennett, Mr Fallows. Mrs Hares, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Tovey and Miss Yeomans

 Year Five 

Left to right: Miss Jones, Mrs Powell, Mrs Buckley,
Mrs Badham, Mrs Moore and Mr Cottrill

Year 6

From left to right: Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Woodall , Mrs Brazier, Miss Bradley, Mrs Woodward, Miss Buckley and Mrs Hall

Lead Teaching Assistants 

From left to right: Mrs Morris and Mrs Humphrey

Office Staff 

From left to right: Mrs Devons, Miss Franks, Mrs Court, Mrs Blank and
Mrs Talbot

Mrs Blank              Finance

Mrs Court              School Manager

Mrs Devons          Receptionist

Mrs Talbot             Nursery

Miss Franks           RASCALs

Mrs Impey             General Admin



Ms Brown – Manager               

Mrs Hall 

Mrs Samsudin

Miss Gibson

Mrs Badham - Manager


Lunchtime Supervisors 

Mrs Edwards

Mrs Jones

Mrs Mason

Mrs Rochelle

Mrs Saunders (Play Leader)   

Miss H Yeomans

Miss K Yeomans (Lead)


Mr Ward    Caretaker    

Miss Dalton

Mr Dutton        

Mrs Dickenson

Mrs Edwards