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Below you can see the latest news from Bewdley Primary School

March 2024

  • 21/03/24

    Yr 6 Theatre Visit

    Year 6 were incredibly lucky to visit Malvern Theatres earlier this week to see the brand-new production of their End of the Day Book, 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'.  The book focuses on a refugee child living in the UK and really adds to the children's current topic, J...
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  • 04/03/24

    Yr 6 Ancient Egypt Topic

    As part of their work on the Ancient Egyptians, Year Six have been learning about the process of mummification - by mummifying a mackerel! They followed the process that would have been carried out on the ancient Egyptian pharaohs after their death, and the mackerel are now busy mummifying in their...
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