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Below you can see the latest news from Bewdley Primary School

October 2023

  • 25/10/23

    Netball Tournament

    Congratulations to our Year 6 netball team which took part in a tournament at Stourport Dome on Monday afternoon. The team came 4th in their league (narrowly missing out on 3rd place just due to goal difference!) which was particularly impressive considering the standard of the other teams...
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  • 16/10/23

    Year 4 - Geography

    Year Four have been extremely busy during their topic about ‘Rainforests’. They have been designing blueprints and making prototypes of rainforest houses using a range of joins. Their houses have been made in all shapes and sizes that all include important features needed for life i...
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  • 13/10/23

    Year 6 - History

    Year six have had a great day at Bletchley Park as part of their history and technology topic, iSpy. It was fantastic for the children to see things in real life that they've only seen  on a screen before, such as the Enigma and Bombe machines! 
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  • 10/10/23

    Yr 5 - History

    Year 5 were surprised when they found out that their History lesson involved examining ancient Maya excrement! During this archaeological investigation, they discovered what an ancient Maya’s diet entailed and compared this to our own. As you can see from the photos, they were shocked by their...
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  • 10/10/23

    Yr 2 - Carnival of the Animals

    Year two have been busy this week with their new topic, 'Carnival of the Animals'. To begin with, they looked at examples of how Indigenous Australians used symbols to communicate. They then replicated these techniques to produce patterns and make colourful paintings of a range of different...
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