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Storytime on YouTube

Have you visited the BPS Storytime YouTube channel yet? Just search on YouTube for Bewdley Primary and click on the BPS school badge.

You don't have to subscribe to watch any of the videos but you'll need to if you want to comment on them. We'd love for you to comment on the chapters but please do let your children know that we'll be deleting any unrelated messages! 

The easiest way of seeing the different books is by looking at the playlists that are now available. All of the chapters will then be in one place. Many teachers are continuing with their class books but we also have some brand new books if children would like to follow more than one story. 

Mr Morris has just started 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and Mrs Field is reading 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'. Join Mr Pritchard for 'The Twits' and Mr Smith has kicked off with 'The BFG'. Mrs Jones is on Chapter One of 'Bill's New Frock and Mrs Page has just started 'Nevermoor'. On top of all that, our Nursery and Reception staff will be uploading new picture books every day for you to enjoy too. Of course, you're welcome to watch the other videos too, but they won't be from the start! 

If you're feeling a little down today, it's definitely worth checking out our YouTube channel today - if only to see the somewhat questionable thumbnail pictures of the teachers whilst they're mid-flow in their story telling!