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Watch It Wednesday

It was ‘Watch It Wednesday’ as part of BPS’s Book Week 2020 which focused on the importance of visual literacy. 

In Reception, the children used ‘Once upon a picnic’ as their inspiration but, unfortunately, somebody had destroyed the picnic that was in the classroom! Luckily, the Reception Detectives were on the case to solve the crime! Year One watched the clip, ‘Taking Flight’ and re-enacted where they would go in their imagination. Year Two watched the short film, ‘Little Boat’ to help them write postcards from a boat’s perspective! Year Three watched an animation which links to their book, ‘The Flower’, and compared the two while Year Four wrote the dialogue for the silent animation, ‘Home Sweet Home’. Year Five watched the short film, ‘Anchored’ and used it to inspire some very emotive messages to their loved ones - there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!