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Eisteddford Live Concert

The Bewdley Primary community was on top form today with the Eisteddfod Live Concert. The musicians, singers, dancers, poets, orators, choirs and staff entries were all outstanding, unique and filled with joy. The audience were fantastically supportive too as they cheered and clapped all of the artists from across Key Stage Two. 

We have so much footage from the event which will take a while to edit but we'll share it with you as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, the winners of the overall competition were finally revealed! Congratulations to Severn who were the overall house winners and to Alyssa from Severn for winning Pupil of the Year with the most points across the competition. 

Well done to Amelie from Blackstone, Ruadhan from Hawkbatch and Erika from Wyre who came top in their houses. We celebrated our winning adult from each house too: Mrs Llewelyn from Blackstone, Mrs Davies from Hawkbatch, Mrs Thompson from Severn and Miss Bradley from Wyre! 

We also gave out a Values Award for the child from each house who embodied our school values throughout the competition. Well done to William from Severn, Remell from Blackstone, Lola from Wyre and Isla from Hawkbatch! 

Well done to everyone who took part in any area of the competition - BPS at its best!