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Bewdley Primary School and Nursery Staff

September 2016

Headteacher Mrs Jane Woakes


Mrs Rhiannon Powell 2 Year Old Nursery Manager
Mrs Ashley Crumpton 3 year Old Nursery Manager


Mrs Vicky Dunn


Miss Karen Hendy

Early Years Leader / Reception teacher / Leader of Well Being / Extended Services

PE Leader

Mrs Louise Tench 
Mrs Annabel Whitmore

Art Design / DT Leader

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)

Mrs Jacqui Bennett


Sue Parker

KS1 Leader  /  Leader of Children’s Learning including SEND / Interventions
Kate Field      RE Leader
Will Pritchard PE Leader

Lower Key Stage  2 (Years 3 & 4)

Miss Amanda Bradley LKS2 Leader / Pupil Premium /  Whole school assessment / Education Visits

Mrs Melanie Hares / Mrs Sam  Page

CPD Leader
Science Leader

Mr Jamie Morris NQT

Upper Key Stage 2(Years 5 & 6)

Mrs Amy Brazier UKS2 leader / Literacy Leader / Deputy Safeguarding Lead  / students
Mr Simon Cottrill ICT / Computing

Mrs Sarah Price  / Mrs Sarah Woodward

Curriculum Leader / PSHE
Maths Leader

Mrs Jane Jones Geography Leader / G & T Leader

Music                                                                             French

Mrs Liz Winscom    Mrs Rachel Walter
  • Mrs Amy Brazier is on maternity leave and returns in 2017

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Michelle Hall
Mrs Helen Humphrey


Mr Anthony Arnold

Mrs Ruth Dent
Mrs Angie Downes
Mrs Margaret Ferris
Mrs Lisa Morris
Mrs Gez Rayner

Mrs Emma Speller
Mrs Juliet Wall
Mrs Joanne Walker


Mrs Sam Bower
Miss Bethany Crisp
Mrs Adele Maiden

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)

Mrs Sue Davies
Mrs Mal Garbett
Mrs Jane Tolley

Lower Key Stage  2  (Years 3 & 4)

Mrs Jayne Dickenson
Mrs Rachel Jackson
Miss Sheree Jenkins
Mrs Zoe Saunders
Mrs Pat Sedgeley
Mrs Karen Thompson

Upper Key  Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6)

Miss Kat Buckley
Mrs Rachael Moore
Mrs Nicky Morris
Mrs Andrea Phillips
Mrs Julie Woodall

Office Staff

Mrs Bev Blank Finance Manager
Mrs Sally Court School Manager
Mrs Sarah Devons  Receptionist


Lunchtime Supervisers / TAs

Mrs Jo Beddall
Mrs Kimberley Blount
Mrs Carole Edwards
Mrs Jo Mason
Mrs Karen Jones
Ms Andrea Phillips (Play Leader)
Mrs Zoe Saunders (Play Leader)
Mrs Karen Smith
Mrs Demi Turner
Miss Kirsty Yeomans

Miss Hayley Yeomans


Mr Mark Ward (Caretaker)
Mrs Carole Edwards
Miss Kirsty Yeomans

Miss Hayley Yeomans

Forest School Leaders

Mrs Jayne Dickenson
Mrs Sam Bower
Mr Mark Ward

 RASCALs                                                                                Ms Helen Brown - Manager                                                                                                                                                           Miss Bethany Crisp
                                                                                                    Mrs Jayne Dickenson
                                                                                                    Mrs Rachael Moore